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7 Digital Marketing Tips for Medspa Owners

7 Digital Marketing Tips for Medspa Owners


Medspa digital marketing makes it easier for clients to find the best aesthetic services in their area. As a medspa owner, developing a digital marketing strategy that helps attract more clients to your location is essential. Here we offer seven digital medspa marketing tips to help increase your medspa’s visibility online.

1. Understand Your Ideal Client


Defining your audience is the first step to ensuring the digital marketing for your medspa is successful. Although you might be thinking any client is a good client, this approach doesn’t work for digital marketing. If you fail to target a specific audience, you might increase traffic but see very few appointments booked. This is because you can’t qualify your leads without a defined audience. Some questions to help identify your ideal audience include:

  • Who typically books your services?
  • What is their age or gender?
  • Are they high-income earners?
  • Are they local or tourists?

A target is even more important when investing in pay-per-click advertising, as you want every click to count. If you reach too general an audience, you could attract clicks from people from different cities, or respond to generic keywords, only to find your services don’t meet their needs. When you understand your ideal client, you increase your marketing ROI by targeting your digital campaigns and offers to appeal to their needs.

2. Focus on Local SEO & Keywords


Unless you are a travel destination, focusing on local SEO is the best way to attract clients in your community. Local SEO leverages geo keywords that refine searches and ensure your company only appears in local searches. Combining your keyword strategy with location keywords is the best way to improve your local ranking. Use geo keywords in all your content, including your web pages, blog, social media, meta content and URLs.  

3. Protect Your Online Reputation


Today, almost everyone relies on online reviews to choose a product or service. Therefore, to help raise your online profile, you need to protect your online reputation. To build online reviews, you need to create a process that makes it easy for clients to rate your services and comment on their experiences. Sending automated client emails after they leave your medspa allows you to thank them for their patronage and ask them to click a link to share their experiences.

However, you must also monitor your social media and online reviews. Your online reputation is improved when you take the time to thank people for their positive reviews and quickly respond to negative comments. Although negative comments are stressful, the sooner you respond, the better the outcome. When you show people you care enough to make things right immediately, you continue to garner positive reviews and protect your image.   

4. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile


Google automatically generates a Google My Business (GMB) listing for every local business. You can optimize this free marketing tool by claiming your business and providing all the requested information on the profile form, including:

  • The same address used on your website and social media profiles
  • Up-to-date hours
  • Images of happy clients or your team   
  • Google reviews
  • Posts announcing your latest offers, new services, changes to hours, new technicians, etc.
  • FAQs in the Q&A section
  • Corrections to misleading information shared by clients in the Q&A section

Your GMB is medical spa marketing gold, allowing you to get noticed for local medspa searches.

5. Build High-Quality Content


Use your target audience as your guide to create meaningful content that resonates with your clients. High-quality content is at the heart of SEO and is easy to develop by leveraging your expertise. If you don’t fancy yourself a writer, it is worth investing in professionally written content to help Google find you.

To create top-notch content, you need to perfect your keyword research and ensure you only use them 1%-3% on each page. Ideally, this would include keywords scattered throughout your headings and subheadings in your intro and closing paragraph.

You can also use these content tips:

  • Create blogs that are scannable with clear headings, short sentences, and paragraphs
  • Include bullet points or numbered lists for effortless reading
  • Add at least one high-quality image
  • Include internal links to help people find more information
  • Add external links when referring to medical findings or technical information
  • Make sure your content is 100% original

Your goal is to create engaging content that builds trust with enough keywords to tell Google what your medspa is all about.

6. Create a User/SEO-Optimized Website

Your website is usually the first point of contact for new clients. As a result, it needs to make an excellent first impression and answer common questions quickly. Your website should be optimized for SEO while offering a flawless user experience. Your pages must be quick to load, visually appealing, and reflect your medspa positively.

Clean, soothing images help build trust. Easy-to-use navigation and calls to action make it easy for visitors to take the required steps to reach out or book an appointment. Your site should also:

  • Reflect your professionalism and sense of aesthetics
  • Show off your credentials to perform medspa services
  • Make it easy to take the next steps with buttons to book appointments on every page
  • Clearly show your services
  • Provide informative content on every service page
  • Entice visitors with headlines that hint at expected outcomes
  • Include FAQs about your services
  • Feature team profiles
  • Include testimonials and reviews

7. Create a Referral and Loyalty Program


Repeat clients and ongoing referrals create sustainable medspas. In addition, providing incentives for referrals and special offers for loyal clients helps create a feeling of exclusivity.

Your offers should reflect the high-end image of your medspa while incentivizing clients to book regular appointments for their treatments. Having an exclusive page on your website where clients can log on to review their treatments, find exclusive offers, and find gifts for their referrals is an example of using loyalty to generate more business.

Email drip campaigns are also essential to referral and loyalty programs. Using personalization helps clients understand the types of treatments suited to their needs and what they should book next. Sharing special codes that entitle clients to a discount or free complementary treatment, such as a manicure or upgrade on their facial treatment, streamlines the process and ensures the gift is always included when they book.

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